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Da Rules~PLEASE READ~ Empty
PostSubject: Da Rules~PLEASE READ~   Da Rules~PLEASE READ~ Icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 10:10 pm

Rules are important. They keep society safe and civilized. Since I want my site to be a safe and civilized site, I have a set of rules for it. There is a warning system in place that allows for three warnings and a ban upon the fourth warning.

Level I offenses- Breaking these rules will result in 1 warning and the offending post being removed.

1. Filter bypass. There is a profanity filter in place for a reason. Please do not try to bypass it to use foul language.
2. Annoyance report by another user. If another player says that you are annoying them and I find the report to be valid you may receive a warning.
3. Direct insults to a user. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
4. Playful threats of violence. If you say you are going to hurt somebody, but you make it very obvious that you are kidding, you will still be punished.

Level II offenses- Breaking these rules will result in 2 warnings, a 10 day suspension, and the offending post being removed.

1. Suggestive language. Any post that hints at sexuality will be dealt with accordingly.
2. Chatbox profanity. *NOTE THAT POST CAN'T BE REMOVED* If you get caught cussing in the chatbox you will receive warnings and a suspension as well as being banned from the chatbox.

Level III offenses- Any breaking of these rules will result in immediate ban from the site and the the offending post being removed.

1.Blatant sexuality. I want absolutely no adult pictures, words, or videos on this site. The very nature of this site makes it a good kid's site.
2.Serious threats of violence. You are not to hurt or threaten to hurt anyone on this site.

The rules also apply to all pictures, videos, and games. If you are not sure about a picture, video, or game you want to put on the site PM it to me first and I will accept or reject it.
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